Matt Jensen

Web UX/UI, Brand Design, Motion Designer, in Utah.

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Bringing Webpages / Social Media / and Design Systems to life.

What are you waiting for?

What can I help you with?

As a seasoned UX/UI Designer with Figma auto-layout awesomeness, I bring loads of valuable design skills to the table to help you grow and scale. While my forte lies in creating Figma-based Design Systems, ensuring brand consistency, I can also build impactful landing pages that deliver results and leads, quickly!

My abilities with Motion Graphics helps keep your brand’s aesthetics to not just look good standing still, but with motion for your social media posts and ads. Tying that together with accessible email designs will elevate the user journey.

Who likes my work?

I focus on making designs and processes clear, precise, and great looking, ensuring every part is planned out.

Your design systems and way of working is an inspiration. Thank you for working so hard and making campaign work for TubeBuddy effortless. I never sweated it when I knew you were on the team.

Kristin Hough

I’ve called him the King of MIH (Make it Happen). Matt is easy going, always positive, never dramatic, and has so many skills… Oh, and he also builds WordPress pages. 🙂

Travis Simon

I can vouch for the skill and expertise of Matt Jensen. He has been a gem to work with and I’ve always been impressed at his skills and ability.

Tom Broschinsky

Your design skills are incredible, but better than being a great designer, you provide insights, point out blind spots, and bring forward your best work.

Lizzy Bullock

[Matt] is very talented and fun to work with. I enjoyed my time working with him at iFIT.

Matt Vance

His skills are sharp and more than enough for any task. More importantly, he is a joy to work with and brings a positivity and fun culture to any team both in person and remote.

Alex Beck